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How Does a Social Media Algorithm Work?

Social media has become a very important part of our lives. During the last couple of years, Facebook and Instagram have become two of the most viewed websites around the world. To manage the millions of users that log in to those platforms every month, they have developed something called the “Social Network Algorithm.”

Algorithms are important because they dictate where you rank in social media ads and content placement. However, one of the most challenging features of these algorithms is that they are always changing. For marketers and business owners, it means that you need to keep up to date with the latest changes in order to successfully use a social media channel.

Social media algorithms vary depending on the platform. For example, the most important thing to consider for Facebook is to create meaningful customer engagement. For Pinterest, data from past content interactions is very important to make your profile visible to new users. When it comes to Linkedin, being recognized as a thought leader in your respective field is more advantageous and its algorithm is based on connection and engagement. Finally, Instagram and Twitter’s algorithms rely on the overall interaction and engagement that your content gets.

To optimize your content strategy and take advantage of the algorithms, follow the next tips.

1: Create Short Videos for Paid Ads

Short video for ads receives 66% more qualified leads in comparison to other types of content. Besides being one of the most popular formats for online consumption, short videos are also cheaper to produce. Video content is a great way to increase the quality of your content, increase interaction, and ultimately use the algorithm to your advantage.

2: Create Content for Interaction

The more likes, comments, and shares your content gets, the more favorable it appears for the algorithm. Besides improving ranking, engaging content helps you achieve a more solid brand loyalty status. You can invite more interaction with your audience by taking advantage of other social media features like Q&As, live interviews, polls, and quizzes.

3: Use Humor and Emotion

Connecting with your followers is key to develop a good content strategy. Whether it is a funny meme or a beautiful and cinematic video, evoking emotion humanizes your brand and elicits more responses from your audience..

4: Use UGC (User Generated Content)

Content made by other users is great! It captures the attention of the creator and their social circle. Using UGC is also great for your budget as this method generates a lot of good organic traffic and engagement without spending any advertising dollars.

5: Communicate

Reaching out to customers in comments is a simple strategy you can adopt to keep your social media channels active, and increase engagement. For your customers, understanding that they can quickly interact with you is going to be great to boost brand loyalty. Secondly, any type of direct communication is a very positive metric for most any social media algorithm.

Overall, it is important to understand that algorithms are there to help you. Learning how to optimize your content accordingly is a great way to increase brand awareness, reach, and ultimately boost your business online.

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