As a Transmedia Producer, Nicole C. Scott can assist your business from overall branding strategy, to online stratification, network building, and sales leads.  Along the way, all forms of media come into play, from traditional print media, to online media, and video.


Media Production is offered under the following three basic categories:


High quality images for traditional printing projects like postcards, flyers, to large format posters and banners, or pamphlets, brochures, and magazines using tools from Adobe Creative Suite, like Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design.


Produce graphic designs for websites, as well as implement designs for websites based upon pre-existing comps using HTML 5 & CSS3, Netbeans, Filezilla, & Github.  Implement site re-branding, site migrations to Wordpress, further customization of pre-existing Wordpress sites. 



Produce videos ranging from talking heads and lower third text animations, to image based graphics and visuals illustrating ideas, or producing interactive DVD menus for post production distrubution using programs like Adobe Premier, & After Effects, Final Cut Pro 7 & X, & DVD Studio Pro.